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Every year, termites cause various structural damages. They become enemy of your wooden furniture. It is important to notice termite infestation as soon as possible and takes a strict action against the pest before your furniture destroys. Do you know your beautiful garden could turn into a barren land because of the insect?

A termite infestation can be terrifying! What makes it worse is that they are difficult to notice. A2Z is a specialist in termite treatment in Delhi. We offer termite control services to home owners, builders, commercial stores, and offices. We follow advanced as well conventional methods to keep your area free from termites.

Our 2 Steps Termite Control Strategies


Our team of experts will conduct a close inspect of your property to find out at what level termite infestation has reached. After that, we create a detailed analysis report with proper action plans.


Looking at the severity we look for the best treatments. It involves treatments with eco-friendly chemicals, fumigation, termite control reticulation system and so on.

Our Anti Termite Treatment Services in Delhi is Advanced

Using Eco-Friendly Termite Control Measures

We follow some age-old tips. The insect thrives in moist and dark conditions. After inspecting each piece of furniture, we keep them out in sunlight for 2-3 days. Since the insect can’t stand heat and die. The effective non-toxic method spraying Boric Acid at their holes works effectively. Some oil treatments like neem oil rubbing on furniture is also effective.


Our trained pest control team fumigates throughout the home. Each cracks and crevices of furniture are targeted to kill the insect. It is a 100% effective way to kill termites. During fumigation, we request clients to leave the premise for an hour or so.

Termite Control Reticulation

Our exterminators use termite control reticulation system to destroy the next of subterranean termite nests and their colony. Their nests are located 4-18 below ground. Therefore, it works effectively.

In India, we believe in Jugad or Home Remedies like kerosene oil and fire to kill the insect. Do you think it seriously kills termites? Termites live in a group and their colony members can be in thousands. It is not possible to kill all of them through simple techniques. Pest control services like us can help you to keep your home, building or office free from termites.

Termite bait stations, known as TBS, advance technique is used to kill the entire colony of termites if the infestation is heavy. We also use chemical spray in the infested areas to kill the pest.

A2Z Pest Control Delhi Specializes in providing pre-construction termite control services in Delhi NCR.

How to Know Termite Infestation
  • Regularly check mud tubes in your backyard, discovering creamy-white insects is signal of termites

  • Examine your furniture once in a month and if features any hollow spots, the attack of termites has been started

  • Check regularly the cracks in walls and wood ceilings

  • Try to know difference between ants and termites


It depends on severity. If your termite infestation is severe, we may provide the service after 30 days because termites’ eggs hatch in 30 days of duration to become larvae. There are 4 stages of molting or development. With second sessions, the infestation can under control.

As compare to our competitors, our service is affordable. We offer affordable termite control solutions.

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Yes, we have a special termite control plans for Delhi NCR construction sites to get the service at affordable costs.

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