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Book rodent pest control service in Delhi with A2Z Pest Control because we are the most trusted Pest management company in Delhi offering the service to residential and commercial clients. We use eco-friendly technologies and chemicals for pest extermination.

What is a Rodent?

A rodent is a small furry animal. Rats, mice and squirrels come in the category of rodents.

What are the harmful Effects of Rodents?

Squirrels can be cute but can harm your garden because they love eating fruits. If you have a backyard full of vegetables, keep the rodent away from it.

Rats and mice are two common rodents. They like to live with human beings and become so rigid when it comes to getting relief from them. The rodent can pollute your food items and can litter the place because the habit of urinating. You will be surprised to learn that rat-bite can cause rat-bite fever. Rat urine contains a hantavirus that can mix with air and can cause liver or kidney damage. Rats’ pee smells very bad. Moreover, the rodent can disturb you at night because they become very active at night.

What to Do for Rodent Pest Control?

Many of us try to get rid from rodents with local rat kills. It is not so effective? It might kill a few and after that leave your home or office with dirty smells because rodents can die at any corner.

The best solution is to call A2Z Pest Control Team, a leading rat exterminator in Delhi. We offer 24 x 7 hours pests control services to residential and commercial properties. We offer custom rodent control plans for offices and homes. As per the locality and the size, we create a plan to keep your area free from rodents. Special new techniques and environment friendly pest killer techniques are followed by our trainers.

Control Methods Follow by Our Rodent or Rat Pest Control Services in Delhi NCR

Habitat Modification

To eliminate rodent infestation, we suggest mowing your garden, lock the holes through they enter, and keeping the garbage away from the house.


After inspecting the area from where they enter, we place traps. Our aim is to follow the best bait to trap them.

Burrow Fumigation

In some places like undergrounds, restaurants, and stores where rodents are active, we follow the age old techniques. It involves killing these subterranean pests by fumigating their burrows with natural smoke.


We use poisons to target rodents. Although the poison is strong enough to kill them instantly, we follow some strict techniques to maintain the safety of others.

Why A2Z Pest Control for Rodent Pest Control Service in Delhi NCR?

  • A certified licensed pest control service provider in Delhi NCR

  • Holding over 20 years of work experience in the field

  • Having a team of experienced workers who spend more than a decade exterminating pests

  • Our service area covers all corner of Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida

  • Offering the service for a wide range of customers such as residential, offices, malls, storages, retails and more

  • Offering custom rodent control plan to offer the best service

  • Committed to offer the service without getting any delay

  • Strive to achieve 100% work satisfaction by offer all-in-one services

Top FAQs For Anti Rodent Pest Control

The cost depends on the type of area and how large it is. It also depends the techniques we are going to follow to control rodents.

It is easy to book our service either online or via phone call or Whatsapp.

Our rodent service in Delhi is available round the clock and as per your comfort. You can call us as per your comfort.

We use high-quality and safe rat killing products. We make sure that the product is safe for human and pets.

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