Find Exceptional Quality Ants Pest Control Services in Delhi

Ants are both indoor and outdoor insects. They are discovered easily in kitchen area because the insect are constantly looking for food. A kitchen is their paradise for locating food. The problem started with the insect is when they see in a large amount, leaving in hollow and cracked walls and bed cores. Red ant attacks in a house is nothing less than a nightmare. They become active in summers.

Ant Varieties

There are around 14 kinds of ants. It is believed that around 5-6 varieties of ants like to make human homes their own paradise. An ant colony size could be up to 300,000 to 500,000. An ant colony can leave up to 7 years.

Keeping Home free from Ants

Ants are very social insects. They don’t easily leave their nest because reproduction cycles are going on. Calling experts like us is the best solution. We try to find out the real reason for welcoming this unwelcomed guests. Evaluate the population, home environment and locality. After proper evaluation, we suggest customized ant pest control service. Cracks where ants are leaving are firstly sealed. Natural ant deterrents are applied to get your home free from ants. Harmful chemicals are not used which may damage nervous system. We use herbal and friendly sprays to get rid of ants. Your house environment becomes normal after 2-3 hours of the ant killing operation.

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